Welcome to Toki-Takayama Castle and Takayama-Juku of Shita-Kaido!

"Toki-Takayama Castle and Takayama-Juku of Shita-Kaido" is located in Toki city, Gifu Prefecture and remains a historical district, rich history and culture.

Our mission is to inspect and preserve our history and culture to be able to take over to the next generation.


This site is operated by the preservation society for Takayama Castle and Takayama-Juku to send this information to all over the world.

Era of Genji family in Mino and period of Warring States Toki-Takayama Castle.

Toki city, used to be called “Mino”, the birthplace of “Genji family” here.
In Warring States period, it was the battle-field for world-take by Nobunaga Oda, Shingen Takeda and parent-child Katuyori.
From Edo to Meiji period, at Shita-Kaido, there were come-and-go of many travelers and baggages between Nagoya Castle town and Makigane-Oiwake town in Ena area. That is reason why Takayama-Juku which is the middle of both town flourished as post-town.
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